Conducting whale watching tours in San Ignacio Lagoon
for over 48 years!

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San Ignacio Lagoon whale watching at it's best - introducing visitors to a gray whale during one of Pachico's Eco Tours.

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Hosted by the pioneers of whale watching in San Ignacio Lagoon,
Baja Sur Mexico!

About Us

Conducting whale watching tours in San Ignacio Lagoon for over 48 years!

Thrilled visitors meet the gray whales of Baja's San Ignacio Lagoon up-close.

Pachico's Eco Tours is internationally known for being the whale watching pioneers of San Ignacio Lagoon and Baja. Pachico Mayoral was the first person to have an encounter with a friendly gray whale. Pachico's encounter with a friendly gray whale, and his tours to introduce people to the gray whales, began to change the perception that gray whales are "devil fish."

In 1972, after his first friendly encounter with a gray whale, Pachico began running whale watching trips in the San Ignacio Lagoon. Today Pachico's Eco Tours is the only fully locally managed whale watching outfitter in the lagoon. Pachico's Eco Tours is a unique whale and wildlife watching organization that is run by entire Mayoral family, son and daughters of the legendary Pachico Mayoral - The true pioneer of whale watching in Baja!

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Touching a whale while whale watching with Pachico's Eco Tours in San Ignacio Lagoon Baja Mexico All Mayoral kids grew up with the whales and all other ocean and desert life that makes San Ignacio Lagoon one of Baja's most amazing destinations - and they want to share their profound knowledge and experiences with you!

Our staff includes friendly whale watching enthusiasts and qualified individuals who display the same passion for San Ignacio Lagoon for which our company was founded upon.

The Pachico's Eco Tours staff is a family that loves to work hard and play hard. Our captains and guides are the heartbeat of Pachico's Eco Tours and we could not have a better team of enthusiastic and committed people.

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Photo Gallery

Bird Watching in San Ignacio Lagoon Our photo gallery includes some spectacular photos of whale watching with Pachico's Eco Tours, our camp, and the gorgeous sunsets of San Ignacio Lagoon. Visit our photo gallery to view pictures of wildlife, the beauty of Baja, and watch our progress on the Earthship gathering center. Pictures can tell amazing stories - Come view a sample of what you might encounter with Pachico's Eco Tours.

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2022 Whale Watching Tour Packages

Though we don't guarantee close encounters like these - Many of our guests have stories to last a lifetime when they leave San Ignacio Lagoon.Due to COVID-19, the regulations and guidelines from our permitting authorities have changed to minimize the spread of the virus, and will continue to be adjusted depending on number of cases at any given moment during the season. This affects the capacity limits and is subject to change at any time, which would affect our daily operations, and the type and quality of service we can provide. We have contemplated different options, however is a hard decision since all our families rely on this work for the winter season and an emotional one since we have not skipped a whale season since our father Pachico Mayoral started with these tours in the mid 70's. However your safety and that of our staff and families is our priority. We have made the final decision to NOT Operate the 2021 season. We have two groups of people we are looking at in this decision. One is the visitors, whom by traveling restrictions are more in tune with what is expected and required. Group two is the locals who move behind the scenes in order to get the supplies necessary in order to provide the service, and we decided that we can't be exposing the whole community with the challenges of Covid for a service that might be hinder by the restrictions in place. In order to keep this whale adventures available for you in the future, in order to keep this family outfitter sustainable in the long term and for our families' well-being and yours, we must prioritize health at this time and Not Operate until 2022 season. We appreciate your interest in considering our family's whale watching company for your adventure of a life time and sincerely hope to share the whales with you in the future. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions and/or to reserve your space in our calendar for 2022 season. Thanks for your understanding. 3/4/2021.

New 2022 Whale Watching Tour Packages


Gray whale watching accommodations in San Ignacio Lagoon with Pachicos Eco Tours. This page will direct you to additional information on Pachico's Eco Tours and San Ignacio Lagoon. Learn more about friendly encounters with the gray whales, seasonal whale and bird activity, weather in Baja's San Ignacio Lagoon, our off grid beach cabañas, our boats, and what tour options we offer. This is also the place where you can learn a bit more about our Earthship gathering center. We look forward to helping our guests find the information they need to have a great time.

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Pachico's Eco Tours in the Media

Gray whale near panga San Ignacio Lagoon Baja Mexico This is where you will find links to books, films, documentaries, and other media involving Pachico, Pachico's Eco Tours, and Jesus Mayoral. Here you can watch Pachico Mayoral in an NBC News broadcast video or read sample chapters from Eye of the Whale. Learn more about the story of Pachico's relationship with the gray whales of San Ignacio Lagoon. We have also included links to visitor's blogs about their time here with us in San Ignacio Lagoon, as well as links to guest reviews of Pachico's Eco Tours.

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What to Bring

Gray whale calf in San Ignacio Lagoon Baja Mexico as seen whale watching with Pachicos Eco Tours While we do see our fair share of sunshine and blue skies, it is best to be prepared for anything when you come to San Ignacio Lagoon. Please visit our "what to bring" page to help give you an idea of what is necessary to bring, and what others have found helpful to make this trip as comfortable as possible.

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Getting to San Ignacio Lagoon

Eye to Eye with a gray whale on one of Pachico's whale watching adventures in San Ignacio Lagoon Baja. To visit the gray whales you first have to get to San Ignacio Lagoon which is located about half-way down the Baja California peninsula, on the Pacific side.

On this page, you will find airport options, driving directions to San Ignacio Lagoon, as well as other travel options. If you don't see the information you need - Contact us! We will help you plan your journey to San Ignacio Lagoon.

Details on Getting to San Ignacio Lagoon