Pachico's Eco Tours

What to Bring to Baja

The following information applies to your travels in Baja,
as well as at Pachico's Eco Tours

Important Documents

Cash and credit card information

The amount of cash is subject to how much you will spend shopping, on meals, how long you will be in Baja, services in town and for tipping. If you are paying the balance of your trip upon arrival, you will also need cash to cover the bill. Pachico's Eco Tours does not currently have the ability to accept credit cards once you get here (PayPal credit card payments can be accepted in advance of arrival at time of reservation). We also do not keep enough cash on hand to break big bills. Please note that there are also no banks/ATMS in the town of San Ignacio. The closest ATMs and banks are in Santa Rosalia, or Vizcaino. Most establishments in San Ignacio do not accept credit cards. The gas station in San Ignacio does not take credit cards – Make sure you have cash for fuel after visiting the lagoon. Therefore, we recommend you bring US dollars/pesos with you. You can change your dollars into pesos at the airport, banks (closed on weekends and holidays) or possibly a store (you pay in US dollars and receive change in pesos). Travelers checks are NOT recommended as they are difficult to cash. Euros are also not widely accepted in Baja.

Please keep in mind the exchange rate does fluctuate. If you are using US dollars for payment (at places with prices listed in pesos), your exchange rate might vary between businesses. You will find that you receive the best exchange rate at a bank.


Many people ask, "should I tip the guides/captains/staff and how much?" Tipping is voluntary and any amount you leave is greatly appreciated! If you would like to leave your guides a generous tip showing appreciation for an excellent job, 10% of the trip cost is standard in the adventure travel industry. Gratuities are pooled and distributed among your trip guides and staff evenly. If you do choose to leave a tip, please leave cash only. No travelers checks, personal checks or credit cards can be accepted.

What to pack for Pachico's Eco Tours

The following list includes clothing for January through early April, the coolest time in Baja. It can be chilly so don't forget your heavy fleece jacket and hat. In early March strong winds are common and there is some chance of rain. Temperatures in April are hotter with possible day time temperatures reaching 90°F and rain is rare. Here you will find suggestions on what to bring on your journey to Campo Pachico and San Ignacio Lagoon. These are only suggestions that might complement your own comprehensive packing plan.

*Please keep in mind you will be traveling in the desert, so you will want to pack for warm days and cold nights. It is best to come prepared for any kind or weather. The last thing we want is you to be cold or wet and not enjoy your trip. You can always dress in layers and adjust for any weather.





Not –so –necessary–to–bring List


Additionally, here is a link to the weather in the town of San Ignacio. While the weather in town, and at the lagoon are not necessarily the same (it does tend to be cooler at the lagoon, sometimes windier), this link will most often give you are pretty good idea of what type of weather you might find out at the lagoon.

San Ignacio, Mexico Weather (5 Day – 10 Day – Monthly Forecast)

Time Zone – Mountain Standard Time

The state of Baja California Sur where San Ignacio Lagoon and our camp are located uses Mountain Standard Time. *Please Note in Mexico Daylight Savings Time begins April 5 2015!